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GGuerriero Manifesto

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Gabriel Guerriero


  • Systems:  Morphology, Materiality, Transformation, Movement
  • Manifesto: Metamorphosis

        The principal conditions that make up the Albany Bulb are in a constant state of motion.  There are many factors that reveal the Albany Bulb’s inherent qualities and performances.  Mapping the ecology of materials in it’s adjacent environment are important in understanding the site’s coexisting systems.  The terrain is layered with particles of cement, soil and silt which are peeled away by the constant force of surrounding water.   While the substrate of the site is recognized as artificial in-fill stacked in piles, the natural processes of decomposition and growth of topsoil has liquefied the materials into a composite substance.  The moving conditions within the land and water operate in relationship to their degree of physical power.  The forces of solid materials push and erode in reaction to the pressures of surrounding liquid materials.    Each material possesses an inherent momentum and trajectory which either dispels or extends its movement.   This fluctuation gives the materials the ability to change shape and perform as a malleable volume.  This performance occurs in stages of transformation and appear as though fluid.   Certain characteristics are formed such as the extension of a land structure, an enclosed body of water, a steep rocky wall, a mud flat or a fertile soil hill.   The identity of the Albany Bulb is metamorphic in that each system causes and effects another system to transform.



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